Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville


Esta secção será actualizada sempre que houver notícias, novidades, actualizações ou novas versões de software.



23th of November 2010 - Version 3.960 and Gold Edition 1.20
*Adapted to the Market Interface
*Improved closing of pop-ups
*More minor bugs fixed

3rd of July 2010 - Version 3.952 and Gold Edition 1.14
*Adapted to the zoom-level/plots-size

1st of June 2010 - Version 3.951 and Gold Edition 1.13
*Adapted to the new move/recycle tools
*Adapted hay bales position for art designer in gold edition

11th of May 2010 - Version 3.94 and Gold Edition 1.11
*Adapted all the functions of the application to work with the new farmville plot size
*Improved Animal/Tree collecing performance

4th of April 2010 - Version 3.87 and Gold Edition 1.02
*Adapted the Levelup Trick to work with the new position of the delete tool

1th of April 2010 - Version 3.86 and Gold Edition 1.0
*Improved Animals and Trees Harvesting!
*Automatic Seeds updating
*Hot keys (to automatically stop a ongoing process
*The Incredible Art designer for automatic farm decoration
*Fixed some minor bugs

17th of January 2010 - Version 3.63
List of the improvements that have been gradually made in every version released since 3.46:
*Improved Animals and Trees Harvesting!
*Added the new market items (morning glory, white corn, etc)
*Adapted to the new market interface (now it remembers the last page)
*Suppport for snow
*Fixed some minor bugs

15th of November 2009 - Version 3.46
*Improved Trees Harvesting!
*Adapted to Sweet Corn
*Possibility for Manually defined seed
*Fixed Storage bug
*Allows users to use the application when the server is down
*Fixed some minor bugs

6th of November 2009 - Version 3.3
*Improved Trees Harvesting!
*Multiple Farm Profiles
*Added Status Bar
*Mute Sounds
*Multiple Clicking Speeds
*Fixed some bugs

25th of October 2009 - Version 3.0
*Trees Harvesting!
*New Clicking System (no coordinates to input now!)
*Multiple Planting Areas

20th of October 2009 - Affiliates Program Launch
*Now you can win money with farmville! check out our new affiliate section!

20th of October 2009 - New Flash Header for our website

20th of October 2009 - Version 2.3 Released
*Animal collecting improved
*Level-up Trick improvement
*Fixed some bugs(save settings, level-up bug, etc)

14th of October 2009 - Version 2.12 Released
*Adapted to new animal collecting interface
*Fixed some bugs

14th of October 2009 - Version 2.11 Released
*Fixed some bugs
*New Design

12th of October 2009 - Version 2.0 Released
*Animal Collecting
*Quick Level-Up Mode

2nd of October 2009 - Version 1.5 Released
*Adapted to farmville market interface change

11th of September 2009 - Version 1.4 Released
*Fixed bug in repeat option
*Fixed some resolution problems
*Other minor bugs corrected

8th of September 2009 - Version 1.38 Released
*Fixed saving settings bug under Windows Vista
*Fixed help neighbours bug in 800*600 resolution
*Other minor bugs corrected

7th of September 2009 - Version 1.3 Released
* Some timing issues fixed
* Some bugs corrected

6th September 2009 - Version 1.2 Released
*Big Increase in Performance - Now your farm gets harvested in less time;

1st September 2009 - Version 1.0 Released