Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville

Farming Extreme Manager 3

Do you share, among millions of people, the addictiveness of playing FarmVille on Facebook? Then this Farmville Bot might just be the perfect product for you!

Now you can manage your farm and level up more quickly and easily than ever!


With Farming Extreme Manager you can automatically:

1 - Manage your Farm: Harvest, Plow and Plant your farm, animals and trees in one click!
2 - Accomplish Ribbons: Help every neighbor and fertilize their farms to win money, ribbons and experience!
3 - Level Up Really Fast: Using the plow/plant/destroy trick! (Up to 80.000 exp per day!)
4 - Create Unique Farms: Use our Exclusive Art Designer to create amazing decorations and win contests!
5 - Manage Your Gifts: Automatically and instantly accept all the gifts from your friends!
6 - Automatically repeat everything indefinitely: you can plant multiple times while you sleep. The application will close every pop-up message that shows up and even reloads your farm in case of an out-of-sync error)

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Need more reasons to fall in love with this application? keep reading...

In this game, the best way to level up and get money is to be constantly planting and harvesting seeds. In fact, the best way to level up is to plant seeds that get ready in a very short time, so that you can get all the experience points very quickly.

However, every time your seeds are ready, the same boring and repetitive tasks have to be accomplished. This involves picking up every fruit, plowing the terrain and planting seeds again. When you start evolving in this game, so does your farm, and you will find yourself expanding it early from the beginning. The average number of arable squares in a player's farm is between 300 and 400. After a while, clicking 1200 times in the screen (400*3) every time your seeds are ready starts to be just too much. If you consider you also have to click in every animal and tree from time to time, the situation is even worse! Even with new additions such as the tractor and the harvester, you still only plant 4 squares at a time and are highly dependable on fuel, which can only be bought with the special notes.

- What can you do to avoid making 1200 clicks every time your seeds are ready?

- How can you plant 2-hour seeds before going to work or to sleep without them dying before you can pick them up?

- How can you go away for some days and make sure your farm is being harvested and your animals and trees are being collected?


Farming Extreme Manager was made to attend these issues, allowing you to harvest, plow and plant all your farm terrain, collect from your animals and harvest your trees with just one click. In fact, since this application actually knows how much time a certain seed takes to get ready, it can start the process again as soon as the seeds are ready, with no human intervention at all. And it will do this indefinetely for as long as you want. It is even clever enough to dismiss every box that happen to show up (like a friend asking for help, a conquered ribbon or a level passed) and continue the work!

This means you can tell the application to plant 2-hour seeds before you go to bed and after your 8-hour sleep, you will see that you have grown 4 entire crops of those seeds, climbing your experience points to a much higher level as well as your money.

Besides, the application also helps you accomplish the Ribbons/Tasks. For example, the ribbon "Good Samaritan" requires you (in the latest level) to help your neighbours 2500 times. This is just incredibly not reasonable and if you would do it manually, it would require hundreds of hours from your time doing highly boring work. However, Farming Extreme Manager does this all automatically for you, allowing you to go have a coffee and come back just to found you helped your friends and fertilized their farms hundreds of times, thus being closer to the ribbon, having more money and more experience.

In this website, you will find instructions on how to use this incredible farmville bot, videos showing how helpful it can be and the option to buy it. After you analyze how paying 9.99 dollars can save you literally hours and hours of hard work as well as helping you grow your farm faster, the decision to acquire this valuable farmville bot will be easy to make. We hope you fall in love with it, just like our hundreds of thousands of customers.