Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville


This section is going to be kept updated on a regular basis, with announcements of new versions, new bugs found, problems, and every other announcement. Please notifice that everytime a new version comes out, you can download it using the same link that was given to you when you bought it. Don't forget to uninstall the previous installation before installing the new version.



23th of November 2010 - Version 3.960 and Gold Edition 1.20
*Adapted to the Market Interface
*Improved closing of pop-ups
*More minor bugs fixed

3rd of July 2010 - Version 3.952 and Gold Edition 1.14
*Adapted to the zoom-level/plots-size

1st of June 2010 - Version 3.951 and Gold Edition 1.13
*Adapted to the new move/recycle tools
*Adapted hay bales position for art designer in gold edition

11th of May 2010 - Version 3.94 and Gold Edition 1.11
*Adapted all the functions of the application to work with the new farmville plot size
*Improved Animal/Tree collecing performance

4th of April 2010 - Version 3.87 and Gold Edition 1.02
*Adapted the Levelup Trick to work with the new position of the delete tool

1th of April 2010 - Version 3.86 and Gold Edition 1.0
*Improved Animals and Trees Harvesting!
*Automatic Seeds updating
*Hot keys (to automatically stop a ongoing process
*The Incredible Art designer for automatic farm decoration
*Fixed some minor bugs

17th of January 2010 - Version 3.63
List of the improvements that have been gradually made in every version released since 3.46:
*Improved Animals and Trees Harvesting!
*Added the new market items (morning glory, white corn, etc)
*Adapted to the new market interface (now it remembers the last page)
*Suppport for snow
*Fixed some minor bugs

15th of November 2009 - Version 3.46
*Improved Trees Harvesting!
*Adapted to Sweet Corn
*Possibility for Manually defined seed
*Fixed Storage bug
*Allows users to use the application when the server is down
*Fixed some minor bugs

6th of November 2009 - Version 3.3
*Improved Trees Harvesting!
*Multiple Farm Profiles
*Added Status Bar
*Mute Sounds
*Multiple Clicking Speeds
*Fixed some bugs

25th of October 2009 - Version 3.0
*Trees Harvesting!
*New Clicking System (no coordinates to input now!)
*Multiple Planting Areas

20th of October 2009 - Affiliates Program Launch
*Now you can win money with farmville! check out our new affiliate section!

20th of October 2009 - New Flash Header for our website

20th of October 2009 - Version 2.3 Released
*Animal collecting improved
*Level-up Trick improvement
*Fixed some bugs(save settings, level-up bug, etc)

14th of October 2009 - Version 2.12 Released
*Adapted to new animal collecting interface
*Fixed some bugs

14th of October 2009 - Version 2.11 Released
*Fixed some bugs
*New Design

12th of October 2009 - Version 2.0 Released
*Animal Collecting
*Quick Level-Up Mode

2nd of October 2009 - Version 1.5 Released
*Adapted to farmville market interface change

11th of September 2009 - Version 1.4 Released
*Fixed bug in repeat option
*Fixed some resolution problems
*Other minor bugs corrected

8th of September 2009 - Version 1.38 Released
*Fixed saving settings bug under Windows Vista
*Fixed help neighbours bug in 800*600 resolution
*Other minor bugs corrected

7th of September 2009 - Version 1.3 Released
* Some timing issues fixed
* Some bugs corrected

6th September 2009 - Version 1.2 Released
*Big Increase in Performance - Now your farm gets harvested in less time;

1st September 2009 - Version 1.0 Released