Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville

Frequently Asked Questions

Since the release of the application, some questions or doubts have been asked by our customers.

In this section, we will highlight the most common ones and provide the answer to them.



Does the application run on Mac?
Currently, the only version available is for Microsoft Windows (98/XP/Vista/7).
A mac version is currently being developed and should be released in a few weeks. If you buy the windows version, you will be provided with the mac version for free as soon as it is released.

I can't run the Setup. It says it needs the .Net Framework installed.
The application needs the .Net framework to be runned. You can install it from Microsoft Website.

When I insert my key, it says "Key Already in Use" / I want to move FEM to another machine.
One license key is only valid for one computer. However, if you want to move your key to another computer, you can do it, you just need to reset your key here so that you can use your key again in a different computer. Be aware that there is a limit of 20 resets per license.
In some rare situations, it is possible that your operating system removes the registry information and FEM asks it again. If this happens, you may get the "key already in use" message too and will need to reset your key.

When I try to register my key, I get a message saying "Error registering key" or the application stops responding
Please make sure you are logged in as an administrator and that there is no firewall/router/network blocking the access to our database server.

I have bought the application and did not receive an email with the application and serial key
Our automated system is connected with paypal and, as soon as a payment is completed, an email is sent to the customer. This should not take more than 10 minutes after payment. Be aware that the email being used is your paypal email. If you don't receive an email within 10 minutes, check your spam/junk folder before contacting us.

What happens if any message appears (neighbour wanting help, level passed, ribbon conquered, etc.)?
The application is able to close every message (unless you've changed the clicking speed). If it is actually working, it should close it in a few seconds. If it is idle (waiting for some crops to be ready for example, it can take some minutes).
If farmville shows a message that makes facebook ask you if you want to publish info, the application should be able to close those messages and reload your farm back into fullscreen mode. Just make sure that you have your browser scrolled all the way to the top before clicking in the full screen button of farmville. If your screen resolution doesn't allow you to view the fullscreen button when you have your browser scrolled all the way to the top, try closing some extra bars like favourites or google search, etc or put your browser in fullscreen (usually by pressing f11). Also, be aware that it may take a couple of minutes for the application to recover from this situation and put farmville back in fullscreen.

I'm having troubles with the harvest feature. It will keep opening and closing the market or it will choose another seed during the middle of the process (or do random things in the market or even stop the whole process)
Make sure that all your crops are in the same situation (either all harvested, ready to harvest or plowed) and check only the options that are required (you can't choose "harvest" if your crops are already harvested or "plow" if your crops are already plowed).

When the application says "Let's see your farm!" and asks me to put farmville in fullscreen, I do it and then nothing happens!
Make sure that you are really putting farmville in fullscreen. To do that, you must click in the fullscreen icon in farmville, so that farmville gets maximized and occupies your whole screen

How do I delete a planting area?
Just go to the add/edit planting areas window and double click on the planting area you want to delete (inside the listbox on the topleft corner). That's in the planting areas window, where you see your farm and all the dots.

The application misses some squares while harvesting!
The application will click exactly where you've set the dots in the planting areas setup. Please review these dots (you must put them in the center of each crop, it's better to do this after harvesting, so that the crops are clear and it's easier to see the center of each spot).

I can't use the shift key to put dots over a whole area
To do this, you must click in one crop (Without holding shift) and then click in another (While holding shift).

The application is only harvesting some of my trees!
Please be aware that for the application to harvest your trees, their fruits must be visible (ie not covered or partially covered by other trees/objects).

The application clicks on my animals/trees but doesn't actually select the "harvest"/"collect" option / The application moves/stores some items while doing the animal collecting / trees harvesting
Maybe you've changed the default text size(dpi) of your browser. If so try putting it back in default. If the problem is not solved, please try using a different web browser.

During the level up trick, I get a message saying the trick can not be done because there are objects in the way.
You must take in consideration the space that the number of columns(Start with one column to see how it works) you defined will occupy and make sure there are no items in that area (trees, buildings, crops, etc, even your farmer must be away or locked at the beginning of the process). The application gives you this message because otherwise it might delete those objects accidentally while doing the trick

During the level up trick, some items are deleted
Make sure that you put your mouse over an empty green area (inside your farm limits) and leave it there until the application takes control.

A message saying "Spread the word about fertilizing" is stopping the levelup trick
We are working on this, but in the meanwhile, there's a simple solution. This message will only show up once per login so you can just close it and do the levelup again.

The help neighbour feature does not work!
Make sure that your browser is maximized, in the "my neighbours area", scrolled all the way to the top and with no other sub-windows of the browser open on the left (like web history or bookmarks). The application should keep reloading your farm until a neighbor asks for help and then visit him and help him. If this does not happen, check if there isn't some box over farmville, asking you to become a fan or rank farmville(if so, close it). If the application clicks on the top left corner of your browser, try using a different browser

The application doesn't repeat the process when the seeds are ready to be harvested. Or when some pop-up makes the application leave full-screen, the application doesn't open full screen again
Make sure no other sub-windows of the browser are open on the left (like web history or bookmarks). Please remember to make sure you have no screensaver active and no applications that might pop-up in front of the browser. The farmville game must be the top-most window all the time.
Also, make sure that, before you initiate the whole process of harvesting, you have your browser scrolled all the way to the top. If your screen resolution doesn't allow you to have your browser scrolled all the way to the top and still see the farmville full screen button (which you must press during those 20/30 seconds that Farming Extreme Manager asks you), you can either close some of the browser bars, or better yet, put the browser in full screen mode (usually by pressing f11). Then just press the farmville full screen button (still having the browser scrolled all the way to the top) and that's it!

Do I need to leave the computer logged on FarmeVille all the time while the application is working?
You have to be logged into facebook/farmville while the application is harvesting,plowing or planting. While the application is waiting for the seeds to harvest and do the whole thing again, you can do what you want with the computer. However, by the time the crops are ready to be harvested, you should already be logged again and have farmville running in full screen. If you aren't, Farming Extreme Manager will ask you to open Farmville. So, before going to bed, be sure to leave the browser logged and with farmville opened.