Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville

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If you analyze the benefits of this application, specially if you are an intensive player of FarmVille like us, you know that a big amount of hours doing repetitive work could be avoided. When we first decided to write this application, we wrote it just for us. When a friend of us told us that he would be willing to pay 100 dollars for it, we decided to make it a public product. However:

We are only charging 9.99 USD for this application.


Besides the application itself, the price (ONE TIME payment, NO monthly fees) includes:

Free upgrades: Every time a bug is corrected or a new feature is developed, you have free access to patches.

Free next versions: When new versions of Farming Extreme Manager come out, you can have them for free. This is a limited offer we are making right now.

Full Assistance by e-mail: You can e-mail us with any question, problem or suggestion and you'll get a complete reply in few hours.

Exclusive Offer: Order today and you will also receive an amazing farmville guide for free with all the secrets and tactics you need to dominate your way to the top of Facebook, growing your farm at light speed.