Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville

Farmville Add-on Applications


Automation Labs is now also offering, for the incredible price of 9.99 USD, three amazing add-ons for farmville:
1 - A Farmville Exclusive Guide: The Ultimate FarmVille Guru shares the secret tactic that you can use legally to dominate your way to the top of the game, growing your Farm at Light Speed... This guide is sold in other places for more than 30 dollars.
2 - A Farmville Gift Accepter Tool: We will tell you exactly how to install and use an incredible third party application with which you can accept or ignore every FarmVille (and now, all zynga games!)request in just one click. Just select from the list the requests you want to accept/ignore and the tool will do the rest of the work for you without the need to reload your farm. You can even be using your computer normally while the application is secretly accepting all the gifts for you!
Update: This third party application can not, for the time being, be provided for free with the package anymore. If you want to use this particular program you will need to, after buying this package and get our directions, pay an additional fee to the third party company in order to get a registration code. To clarify things here: This application is not made by us and has absolutely no relation with us. It is currently being sold for about 7 dollars by the third party company. If you buy our guide, we will tell you where you can get it (but you will have to pay those 7 dollars to the third party company to receive the application). Thanks for understanding.
3 - A Farmville Bonus Checker: Get access to this useful Facebook Application (you don't need to install anything) that allows you to automatically scan your wall for any bonuses (eggs, sheeps, etc.) so that you don't miss these great opportunities (even if you're away!).