Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville

Helping Neighbours


Helping neighbours and fertilize their farms is something you can do for three reasons: Getting ribbons, money and experience.

However, the process is absolutely repetitive and boring if you want to win ribbons or gain any considerable amount of money or experience. The last ribbon, for example, requires you to help your neighbours 2500 times... Imagine doing that on your own! With Farming Extreme Manager, you can do it automatically.

It's very easy to use, you don't need to set up any option, you just have to open Farmville in the neighbors area and hit the "Help Friends" button. Please notice that when you press the "help friends" button, the manager will minimize and the farmville game must be the active application.

And that's it! Just go for a walk and when you come back you will be closer to the ribbons and have acquired an interesting amount of money and experience. Not to mention your friends will be glad you fertilized their farms!

Nice, ah?