Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville

Suggestions and Remarks


This last section of the Farming Extreme Manager user guide will address some minor issues that were not refered in the other sections, as well as give suggestions on how to improve your farmVille experience.

Lock your Farmer - There is one technique you should be aware of before you start harvesting your farm. You should always lock your farmer before the process of harvesting,plowing and planting. By locking I mean trapping him between fences or objects so he can't actually move to the arable terrain. You can, for example, put him inside the cows area and then close the area with fences before starting to harvest. Or you can trap him between 8 hay bales. Notice that every time you log in your farmer shows up in the middle of the farm so you have to do this everytime you login. To avoid this, you can trap him in the center square.

This way, every time you log in to farmville, the farmer will be trapped and you don't need to do anything else.

You may be wondering, why the heck should I do this? Well, first of all, it cuts the harvesting time to half: Since you don't have to wait for the farmer to move from square to square, it's much quicker. Besides, when using the Farming Extreme Manager, it's very important to lock the farmer, because if you don't, the application might accidentally click over him while trying to click on an arable square if he walks through the trajectory of the clickings in the wrong time.

Full-Screen and Zoom-Out - Don't forget that FarmVille must be running on full-screen mode and having the zoom-out in the maximum.


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