Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville

Harvesting your farm


Farming Extreme Manager 3 is very easy to use. The following, is a screenshot of the application when open:



As you can see, there are two groups: One for the main feature of harvesting your farm, animals and trees, and another for extra features (helping neighbors and the level-up-trick). You only need to tell the application what you want to do by checking the various checkboxes (harvest,plow,plant, collect from animals, harvest trees).

The first time you use the application, you need to define your planting areas. This is very easy to do! You just need to click on "add/edit planting areas" and you will be told to open farmville in full screen. When you do so, your farm is going to be replicated on the screen so you can define your planting areas. Notice that next time you edit your planting areas, you won't need to open farmville as the application will already have an image of your farm.
Now, in the edit planting areas window, you just need to define what and where you want to plant. On the left side, you see that there is a list of all the planting areas you have. You can add new ones by pressing the "add" button, or delete them by double-clicking on them. To select the seed of a specific planting area, you just need to choose it from the list on the right. If for some reason you don't want the harvest of that area to start right away, you can define a delay (for example, if that area is not ready to be harvest yet).
For each planting area, you must click in every crop that should be harvested. However, you don't need to actually click on every square, you can define areas by clicking in one square and then, while holding the shift key, click on another square. Notice that you may also undo and redo your operations by pressing the keys "z" and "y" respectively. If you click in a color dot, you will delete it if you have selected the same planting area or, if you have selected another one, you will change the color of the dot. If you want to delete a whole planting area, just double click on it (inside the listbox on the topleft corner)

Finally, when you've finished, you can click on the finish button, and on the main window, click on the harvest button. Then, you only need to open your farmville game in fullscreen, and that's it, the application will harvest,plow and plant in the planting areas you defined and, if you requested it, collect from your animals and trees.