Farming Extreme Manager for Farmville

Quick Level-Up


The second edition of Farming Extreme Manager comes with an incredible trick to quickly level-up in Farmville. Basically, it consists in a change of money for experience. If you have a big quantity of money and would like to "buy" experience, you can plow terrain, plant soybeans (or any other seed) to gain experience. Then, instead of waiting for it to harvest, you delete the terrain and do everything again. You lose some money but win experience at a very fast rate.

To use this feature, you just need to type how many columns you want to plant and how many times you want to repeat the process. Then, just press the "super fast level-up button" button, open farmville in full screen and put your mouse over an empty area (empty green square inside your farm). Notice that if you have bought Hawaiian Potatoes, you can choose to use them as they give you more experience.

And that's it! Just go for a walk and when you come back you will have much more experience than before. With this feature, you can gain up to 80 thousand experience points per day

Nice, ah?